How to create Your WordPress blogging website for beginner


How to create Your WordPress blogging website for beginner, a major question for everyone who want to create their own blogging website on live server. It is very easy to create your own blogging website on wordpress. But it is not very easy. We’ll discuss in details to create your own blog website using wordpress on live server.

(1)Download WordPress from Click Here


After successfully download your wordpress files as a zip file then go to your site’s cpanel by typing them signup your cpanel. Then cpanel page open and after opening cpanel first you’ll have to create database.

(2) Createing a database


After successfully creating database you have to put your wordpress zip files to your folder public_html


upload you zip files and extract zip files.


After successfully extract your wordpress files. Then you see that a folder appear named wordpress. then click wordpress folder and open folders then all files and folders are appear. After that you select Select all button and move all folders and files to root files. After that go to your browser and write your website name i.e www. Then you configure your wordpress website.

Please follow this video carefully.


I hope that now you’ll create your own blogging website carefully.

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